Electrical Definitions

(Taken from Hawkins Electrical Dictionary, © 1910 & 1915 by Theo, Audi and Co, NY)

Keyboard - a board upon which electric switches are mounted [in telegraphy.]

Blow Off - In steam engineering, a term applied to the act of letting out water and steam from a boiler to carry off accumulated mud and scale.

Fishing Box - In a conduit system of wiring, a name sometimes given to a junction box at which splices may be made and wires may be "fished" through.

Frog Galvanoscope - The employment of the hind legs of a recently killed frog to illustrate the presence of electricity. The experiment originated with Galvani in 1786 who discovered that when the muscles of the legs touched two dissimilar metals in contact with each other, a contraction of the muscles took place. (We want to know how he thought of this in the first place!)

Head Guy - A guy fastened to the top of a telegraph pole.

Making earth - connecting a telegraph circuit to the earth; grounding.

Mho - a unit of electrical conductance, being the reciprocal of the ohm, the unit of resistance.

Sand Box - in electric traction, a box of sand carried by a car for the purpose of sprinkling it along the track in order to prevent slipping of the wheels.

Suji Muji - a term from the Hindustani, for a composition of lime and soda to remove old paint; a cleansing powder for washing paint work, etc.

Undertaker - A term sometimes applied to a person who furnishes electrical energy for lighting or other purposes.